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Jason’s Tour and Tunbridge Wells

We want to apologise to everyone about the shock decision that Jason’s Tunbridge Wells show is no longer happening.  Unfortunately, we found out at the same time that you did, so we were unable to pre warn those of you that had tickets for that particular concert. 

Our promoter is working hard and doing all they can to ensure that everyone who had tickets has a few alternatives to make up for the loss of that date.

As you’ll have heard about on the news, these are particularly testing times for all venues and everyone associated with the shows that go on in them.  At the time of writing, we believe that all the other dates for the 2021 rescheduled tour will happen.  Of course we can’t predict any bumps in the road that may occur along the way, but I wanted to assure you here at JDHQ, we are in 100% go mode with all manner of tour planning and it will be a long awaited, but great night when we get there!



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