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A message from JDHQ ahead of EMGR Tour 2021

A message from JDHQ ahead of Jason Donovan’s Even More Good Reasons Tour 2021

Like everyone, we have been keeping a close eye on the current developing situation with COVID-19.  Looking at the ever changing situation, it is becoming impossible to be able to make firm arrangements for Part 1 of the tour at the beginning of next year and it is with a heavy heart that e will be postponing the February/March dates of the tour until later in the year. 

We are working on announcing new dates shortly. 

All tickets purchased for the 2020 tour will remain valid, so please hold on to them! 

Please note that all Part 2 dates will remain as they are now.

We fully appreciate that this decision comes as a huge disappointment and we apologise for any inconvenience this will cause some of you.  Ultimately we have a responsibility to protect the well-being of our touring family, and you. 

We’d rather reschedule dates now rather than have last minute cancellations later.

We believe this is the right decision to make for everybody.

Thank you all for your understanding once more and we look forward to sharing new dates with you shortly.


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